Love and Logic Teacher/Student Relationship solutions and programs to help kids and teachers in the classroom. Skills that help teachers keep control of their classrooms

What is Love and Logic ® for Teachers?

Love and Logic® is a method of working with students which was developed by educational expert Jim Fay, child psychiatrist Foster W. Cline, M.D. and Charles Fay, Ph.D. Love and Logic has many tools for educators, principals and districts that promote healthy parent/teacher and teacher/student relationships and positive school wide discipline. And yes, Love and Logic works along with all other school discipline programs. It actually makes them work better!

Love and Logic helps educators, administrators, and counselors:

  • Set limits in the classroom without anger
  • Provide underachievers hope and willingness when the going gets tough
  • Raise the odds for kids to stay in school
  • Build strong connections between home and school
  • Improve attendance
  • Manage disruptive students
  • Make teaching and learning more fun and productive
  • Immediately handle disruptive students
  • Get and keep students' attention
  • Build positive student-teacher relationships
  • Help students own and solve their own problems
  • Bully proof children, diffuse power struggles, and handle difficult people

It works because:

  • When adults take care of themselves, they hand the problem back to the student who created it.
  • When the student has to solve the problem, they have to think.
  • When students have to think, they learn that decisions have consequences.
  • When students have to deal with consequences, they learn to think.
  • When we allow the student to deal with the consequences, they learn to think before they cause a problem.
  • When the student learns to ask themselves, "How is my behavior going to affect me?" they have learned self control.

Want to implement Love and Logic in your school or your school district? Check out our 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom® curriculum or call our customer care specialists at 800-338-4065 to discuss options. Thousands of teachers, counselors and administrators have become Independent Facilitators of this curriculum and teach Love and Logic to others in their schools. This professional development program gives you the classroom management skills you and your school have been looking for.