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The Love and Logic Cafe Menu

By Dr. Charles Fay

The Love and Logic Cafe Menu

The Love and Logic Cafe offers a variety of dishes to satisfy a variety of different tastes. In order to qualify as "Love and Logic Approved," each must be delivered to the table in a way that satisfies the following 2 rules:

  • Adults take good care of themselves by setting limits without anger, lectures, threats, or repeated warnings
  • When children cause problems, adults hand these problems back by providing large doses of empathy and logical/natural consequences

Now for our meal selections:

  • Love and Logic One-Liners
  • The Delayed Consequence
  • Empathetic Statements
  • Enforceable Statements
  • Choices Within Limits
  • Five Steps for Guiding Kids to Own and Solve Their Problems
  • Energy Drain!
  • Mabel the Babysitter
  • Change your location
  • Change the child's location (AKA the Uh Oh Song)
  • Remove the problem object 

Pick and choose, find what works well for you, and enjoy your meal!

People who are really successful implementing these skills Purchased the Life Saver Kit

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