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A Three-Pronged Approach to Bullying

Dr. Charles Fay

The good news about bullying is it can be successfully addressed if we provide a three-pronged intervention approach.
The first prong must involve creating a culture of compassion within the school, where the student body learns to see bullying for what it is: An immature response to internal hurts and insecurities. This focuses on creating a social climate where bullying is viewed as very “uncool,” and bystanders stand up for kids who are being hurt.
The second prong empowers all students with practical behavioral and emotional skills for becoming unattractive targets of bullying. Students learn how to view and react to bullying in ways that empower resiliency.
The final prong involves addressing students who bully. These interventions involve pragmatic strategies for increasing supervision, limiting the bully from situations or areas where they mistreat others, etc. These interventions also involve attempting to help the bully by understanding and addressing the underlying social and emotional factors.

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Below is a list of Love and Logic resources to give you, as a parent or educator, hope while providing your child the ability to overcome bullying.

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