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Motive to Educate - Dr Joe Martin


How many times have you heard the phrase, “I give up, Johnny just won’t learn!”

So, what came first, education or motivation? Well, studies show that you can’t teach a child anything unless you can first get the child to listen. That’s where motivation comes into play.

The #1 question on most teachers’ (and parents’) mind is, “How do I motivate my child(ren)?” Ironically, the answer isn’t as difficult as you may think.

The key to motivating your students is to first find out what motivates them, and then use that lethal weapon against them (in a positive way).

In his trademark, unique style, “America’s #1 Educator Motivator,” Dr. Joe, will show you ground breaking strategies on how to:

  • Get students excited about learning and coming to class.
  • Unlock the #1 key to motivating any student, regardless of his or her aptitude.
  • Get students to accept responsibility for their own future (and success).
  • Get students to take action without “lecturing” them.
  • Get students to respect you and revere you as their “favorite” teacher.

So, if you think you’ve tried everything... think again. There’s still hope to “motivate to educate.”

See Dr. Joe Martin at the 32nd Annual Love and Logic Educator and Parent Retreat.


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