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Parenting: Defiant Children - Jedd Hafer


Defiance can be incredibly frustrating. It can push our buttons and shut down our effectiveness. But what can we do about it?

Join Love and Logic speaker, comedian, 20-year troubled youth veteran and foster-adoptive parent, Jedd Hafer, as he spells out the important elements of dealing with defiant behavior at the 32nd Annual Love and Logic Educator and Parent Retreat. This fun, practical seminar will empower parents and professionals respond effectively to defiance & resistant behavior. From toddlers to young adults, from gifted kids to those with special needs, the real skills in this presentation will help.

Participants will laugh along as they:

  • Learn how to set better limits up front.
  • Learn to sidestep frustrating, unwinnable power struggles.
  • Hear immediate solutions and “big-picture” answers.
  • Learn what to do when they "don't know what to do."


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