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The Challenge for Kids with Talent - Dr. Charles Fay


Some of the brattiest kids I’ve ever met have been ones endowed with special gifts from birth. Why? Early in their lives, the adults around them became so enamored by their special talents that they let them get away with sin!

Academically gifted kids are far too frequently allowed to argue and negotiate about how the home or classroom should be run. Athletically gifted kids are too often allowed to break all sorts of rules without being held accountable. Extremely attractive children often learn that they can get their way if they cast the right little look.

The sturdiest homes crumble when built on foundations of sand. Such is the case when we become so distracted by our children’s gifts that we make excuses for their misbehavior. The world is filled with gifted people who live lives of misery. Why? Because they were never expected to struggle for anything, they were always allowed to run the show, and they were rarely held accountable for the problems they created. Just one glance at the lives of many Hollywood “elite” illustrates this point in vivid detail.

Thanks for wanting more for your talented children!


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