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How to Slay the Beast of Entitlement

How to Slay the Beast of Entitlement

Over the years, we have heard from families who struggle with entitled kids. One of us (Jim) met a family years ago who appeared to have raised great teenagers. “Yes, the older two are great,” offered Mom. “I worked hard with them when they were little, and it really paid off. They were expected to behave and help with the family jobs. Now they are a joy.”

Unfortunately, the third child in the family was nothing like the older ones. With remorse, Mom told us that by the time he came along she was worn out. “I no longer had the energy, so my way was to just give him what he wants. I didn’t want the hassle.” She went on to say that this was the worst mistake of her life, and sadly said, “He’s not like the other kids. He’s lazy and selfish. All he wants to do is watch TV and play video games. He’s never happy unless he gets his way.”

In situations like this, when a child has become entitled, there is still hope. Love and Logic can help you slay the beast of entitlement by equipping you with a powerful process for reversing the symptoms of apathy, disrespect, defiance, and low self-esteem. Here are four ways you can help guide kids out of entitlement thinking:

Kids held captive by this beast must be encouraged to take positive risks that provide opportunities to develop different beliefs. Perhaps the only way to see the benefits of personal responsibility is by doing something positive and experiencing the intrinsic joy it provides.

Entitled children also need to experience difficulties as well as learn that they can overcome them through perseverance.

The beast of entitlement dominates and subdues its victims by leading them to believe that they are dependent upon others for success. Breaking the chains of this misconception requires that they see themselves achieving hard-earned victories.

Entitlement also tricks people into believing that life is simply a giant slot machine, roulette wheel, or lottery game. When children learn to attribute their level of success to their level of perseverance and personal responsibility, the beast loses its grip on their hearts.

At each step of this process, Love and Logic offers practical tools for success. To learn more about how Love and Logic can help you overcome entitlement thinking, listen to our new audios in, 7 Ways to Create a Respectful, Responsible, and Resilient Family.


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