Creating a Fear-Free and High Achieving Classroom - Webinar

Creating a Fear-Free and High Achieving Classroom - Webinar

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In a video where the time flies and you learn through stories, Sally Ogden will present tons of practical strategies for handling difficult people, power struggles and bullying.

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Preventing Power-Struggles, Bullying and Burn-Out

Up to three hours of Graduate-level credit is available.

Special price of $19.76 for the required product, Teaching with Love and Logic for the credit.

This video is designed for educators so that they will be able to teach students the valuable skills of handling bullies and difficult people with ease. In addition, adults will be given some tools on how to manage the classroom in respectful, effective ways without the use of fear, threats, or intimidation.

You’ll understand what motivates people to be unkind and insulting to one another and learn how to diffuse criticism, bullying and manipulation. You’ll learn how to change your perspective about the nasty comments people make and how to teach children to do the same. The tools that Sally presents will allow people to feel empowered, relaxed and in control.

Using quotes, humor, cartoons and real life examples, Sally makes it easy to remember and apply the skills which could make people’s relationships more pleasant and enjoyable. Don’t be surprised if you feel a rejuvenated excitement about working with kids as well as sharing this information with them!

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by Sally Ogden
Webinar, 210 min.

$79.00 per person.
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