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Didn't I Tell You To Take Out the Trash?!

Didn't I Tell You To Take Out the Trash?!

This audio will help you end arguments and fights with your kids over chores. Really!!!
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Techniques for Getting Kids to Do Chores Without Hassles

Are you tired of arguing and fighting with your child over chores?

This audio will help you:
  • Choose age-appropriate chores that allow kids to be proud to contribute.
  • Negotiate reasonable time limits.
  • Immediately solve their refusal to do chores.
  • Learn how to have kids volunteer to help around the house.
by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, MD.
Audio, 60 min.

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Age Young Children, Ages 7-12, Teens, All Ages

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Book Format

Book format/August 22, 2019


It would be great if this information was available in either e-book or print format

My 6 year old is doing chores!!!!

Stan/July 20, 2017


I've listened to this CD 5 times already. It's very simple to understand, but at the same time the techniques are awesome. If you have kids, this is a must have. Chores are critical to the success of your child in the real world and in school. I learned that from this CD.