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Four Steps to Responsibility - MP3

Four Steps to Responsibility - MP3

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Learn how to take the nagging, stress and frustration out of parenting and teach your child to turn mistakes into lessons.

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Techniques to Lead Children to Responsible Decision-Making

Love and Logic teaches a four-step process for turning children’s mistakes and misbehavior into opportunities for learning and building self-esteem. You want the best for your child!

  • You can quit fighting with your kids.
  • Let them make lots of mistakes while the price tag is low .
  • Teach them to solve their own problems.
  • Help them discover good decision-making skills.
  • They will build high self-concept.
  • Stop screaming them to bed.

This audio will help make it all possible.

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by Jim Fay
MP3 Download, 80 min.

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Age Young Children, Ages 7-12, Teens, All Ages

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