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From Bad Grades to a Great Life! - Book

From Bad Grades to a Great Life! - Book

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Are grades really that important? Help kids discover how to develop a life-long love of learning while following their natural gifts.
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Unlocking the Mystery of Achievement for Your Child

Why struggle? Your underachiever can grow-up to have a great life! How can I be so sure? Over the past three decades, thousands of parents and educators world-wide have discovered the power of Love and Logic. In this book you'll hear why character and personal responsibility form the foundation of lasting academic and occupational achievement. In the process you'll also learn practical skills for:
  • Avoiding un-winnable power-struggles over homework and grades.
  • Helping children discover and capitalize upon their natural strengths.
  • Teaching politeness, respect and personal responsibility.
  • Showing children that the key to happiness involves determination and hard work…rather than luck or handouts.
  • Creating a happier family or classroom.
  • Top choice of Educators and Professionals.
  • And much more!
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Dr. Charles Fay
Book, 146 pp.
Age Young Children, All Ages