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Healing Trust - CD

Healing Trust - CD

This audio helps ease the feeling of hopelessness for birth parents, foster and adoptive parents, and professionals who work with children who have Reactive Attachment Disorder.
SKU: 09-94-665
Rebuilding the Broken Bond for the child with Reactive Attachment Disorder

  • Understand the definitions of RAD children.
  • Learn five ways to bond with these kids.
  • Discover how to handle potentially violent situations.
  • Learn how to get support in raising RAD kids…and see how you can take care of yourself in the process.

  • by Nancy Thomas

    3 Audio CD set, 180 min.
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    Fantastic Information and Help

    Lisa/October 11, 2017


    I was so thankful for this CD set. I finally know what is wrong with my daughter and have a solution. I'm so glad I called the Love and Logic office and Jenn recommended this-it has changed my life.