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Helicopters, Drill Sergeants and Consultants

Helicopters, Drill Sergeants and Consultants - Audio

Updated version of our best selling audio!

What kind of a parent are you - a helicopter, drill sergeant or consultant? Each parenting style sends a powerful message to your child about what he or she is, or is not, capable of.

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Updated version of our best selling audio!

Parenting Styles and the Messages They Send

Learn stress-free techniques to help you become a “consultant” parent.

  • It's how you say things to kids that affects what they choose to hear from you.
  • It’s okay for kids to make mistakes.
  • The importance of giving children choices.
  • Simple steps to help kids want to be responsible.
by Jim Fay
Audio, 80 min.

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Age Young Children, Ages 7-12, Teens, All Ages

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Product Reviews


Angela/May 8, 2018


Jim is so funny and has the most inspiring wisdom! This CD is amazing...I highly recommend it!!!!

Exactly what I needed.

Casey/June 14, 2017


I'm a helicopter by nature, over-correcting from a family of cold drill sergeants. This honest dose of reality, perspective, and logic is exactly what I needed to help me be my best parent-self. Thank you so much for what you do. My husband, son, and I are so grateful for your books and audio materials.


Laughs and Lessons

Faith/March 13, 2017


This CD was very humorous, but also had some great lessons. It's so nice to have this on an audio. I can listen to this in my car on the way to work.