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Jim Fay One Liner Magnet

Jim Fay One Liner Magnet

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Great for your refrigerator, desk or file cabinet for a quick Love and Logic reminder.
SKU: 08-94-113

Do you struggle to remember Love and Logic responses when your kids are pushing your buttons? Here is a fun new tool for parents and teachers - the Jim Fay One-Liner Magnet! It includes an image of Jim Fay along with ten different one-liners to swap out for different situations. Post this magnet on your refrigerator, on your filing cabinet in your office, in your car…anywhere you need a reminder of the perfect Love and Logic phrase to use in the heat of the moment!

Phrases include:
"What a bummer."
"This is so sad."
"Just have your chores done by..."
"Oh...what an energy drain!"
And 6 more popular Love and Logic One-Liners.

Magnet dimensions 7"x 8"

Age Young Children, Ages 7-12, Teens, All Ages

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