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Love and Logic: Keys to Helping Kids Cope with Divorce

Love and Logic: Keys to Helping Kids Cope with Divorce

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Learn how to guide your child through troubling times as Dr. Charles Fay teaches parents how to understand and respond to kids' complicated emotions.
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Charles provides an honest yet compassionate look at how to avoid making common mistakes that create lasting scars.

You'll learn how to:

  • Stay strong when you feel weak, discouraged or pressured.
  • Continue to provide the anchor of loving discipline.
  • Stay out of un-winnable power-struggles with your ex-spouse over their parenting style.
  • Avoid un-winnable battles with your kids over how their other parent parents.
  • Respond when your kids experience anger, sadness and other difficult emotions.
  • And much more!

by Charles Fay, Ph.D.
Audio, 105 min., Webinar, 114 min.

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Age Young Children, Ages 7-12, Teens, All Ages

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