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Bring the success of the Love and Logic philosophy to your marriage with our books on marriage and relationships. Equipped with proven techniques, you’ll learn to successfully communicate with others and make a profound difference in your marriage and other relationships. Draw from the wisdom of others to augment long lasting bonds with spouses as well as solid relationships with co-workers, friends, and significant others.

  • Pocket Grandpa - Book
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    Pocket Grandpa - Book

    Grandpa. He is wise. He doesn’t like to argue. He expects his beloved grandchildren to think, work, and learn. He doesn’t spoil or baby them. He prepares them for the world. He loves unconditionally. And his words are pure gold. Most of the time.

  • Grandparenting with Love and Logic
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    Grandparenting with Love and Logic

    Grandparents play many different roles in the lives of their grandkids. This book guides you in the Love and Logic skills needed for every role.

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