Pocket Grandpa - Book

Pocket Grandpa - Book

Grandpa. He is wise. He doesn’t like to argue. He expects his beloved grandchildren to think, work, and learn. He doesn’t spoil or baby them. He prepares them for the world. He loves unconditionally. And his words are pure gold. Most of the time.


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Grandpas are supposed to be reliable sources of homespun wisdom, often delivered with a wink and a clever turn of phrase. But let’s face it— sometimes Grandpa can’t bring the right words to mind, especially when the grandkids are quarreling, begging for something sugary, or playing hacky sack with a fragile and treasured antique. The Pocket Grandpa is a handy source of just the right words—at just the right time. It’s also a fun coffee table or nightstand book that can be enjoyed for its simple entertainment value.

This book features classic quotes and come-backs, topically arranged, from a variety of grandfathers, including our much-loved grandpas, Jay Hafer and H.J. Springston. Also contributing sage words is Grandpa Jim Fay, founder of the revered Love and Logic Institute. These words reflect loving wisdom and rich life experiences, many of them inspired by time-tested Love and Logic® principles.

Each page of this book’s first section sets up a popular grandkid-based scenario, and then provides the ideal grandfatherly response—a response that is wise, effective, and loving. And often laced with warm humor. Additionally, blank pages allow any grandpa to add his own signature phrases and classic words of wisdom, making this book a treasured, personalized keepsake as well as a handy reference.

We hope this book will make life grand, for you and those you love.

by Jedd and Todd Hafer
book, 144 pp.