Stepparenting with Love and Logic - DVD

Stepparenting with Love and Logic - DVD

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Taking two families and making them one. People who've been in this spot know that the task can be a daunting one! Fortunately, the Love and Logic approach provides powerful tools for navigating these often turbulent waters.


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In this video, Dr. Charles Fay takes a positive yet realistic look at this subject from the eyes of the birth parent, the stepparent and the children. Doing so, he provides practical tips and techniques for answering questions such as...

  • When is it best for a stepparent to begin providing discipline?
  • How can I build loving relationships with my step kids?
  • What if they don’t respect me…and treat me like a doormat?
  • What’s my role as the birth parent?
  • How do I support my kids and my spouse?
  • How do we avoid the drama of one parent always being the "bad guy?"
  • What if my former spouse is the "Disneyland Parent" and always makes me the villain?

Through his research and experience with successful stepparents, Dr. Fay has discovered that those who employ a "Consultant Style" are far more likely to avoid rebellion and enjoy peaceful homes. In this video, you'll learn the secrets to this powerful approach.

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by Charles Fay, Ph.D.
DVD: 120 min.