Thank God it's Monday! - CD

Thank God it's Monday! - CD

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Sally Ogden speaks to teachers and parents about what causes bad behaviors in children and what can be done about it.


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Creating Peace & Joy in the Classroom & Home
Inspiration for Parents and Educators

  • Secrets for helping children thrive.
  • Strategies for building strong, emotionally healthy children.
  • Indispensible tools for making discipline a breeze.
  • How to bullyproof children, diffuse power struggles & handle difficult people.
  • Excerpts from "No Thanks, I Just Had a Banana!"

Using stories, lots of real-life examples and humor, Ms. Ogden gives adults many practical tools to help get children back on the track of achieving and behaving well. Adults learn easy, fun strategies for discipline and building responsibility in children. Power struggles with their kids will be a thing of the past!

At the same time, Sally presents great information which adults can teach their children on how to diffuse the power of bullies and critical, difficult people. With this information, kids will be able to handle with ease situations that used to make them feel stressed and inadequate.

The end result? Fear-free children, tear-free adults! Tired adults become energized, anxious and underachieving children become empowered.

by Sally Northway Ogden
4 Audio CD set, 180 min.