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Quick and Easy Classroom Interventions

Quick and Easy Classroom Interventions

In this audio, you will learn skills that allow teachers to take back control of the classroom through an escalating series of interventions.
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23 Proven Tools for Increasing Student Cooperation

The information in this audio will help both teachers and students.
Interventions that will:
  • Increase learning time for students.
  • Decrease office referrals.
  • Help teachers manage disruptive students.
  • Immediately eliminate struggles with resistant students.
  • Reduce teachers’ stress so that they enjoy teaching again.
by Jim Fay
Audio, 180 min.

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Rich and full of info!

W.Y./November 13, 2017


Quick and Easy Classroom Interventions is packed full of practical info. It even works with the students that are the hardest to reach. This material gave me the tools I needed to help manage my classroom!