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Sibling Rivalry - CD

Sibling Rivalry - CD

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You know your kids love each why don't they act that way?! These proven, practical tips are designed to help you reclaim and keep the peace.

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Strategies for Teaching Your Kids How to Get Along

Are your dreams of a peaceful family life being shattered by your children's non-stop arguing and fighting? Well you're not alone. It's the most ancient form of conflict known to mankind…Sibling Rivalry!

Learn how to turn those inevitable sibling spats into priceless learning opportunities for your kids, and re-claim the peaceful family life every responsible and loving parent deserves.

Dr. Charles Fay is a world-renowned expert in the areas of parenting, family psychology, and you guessed it...Sibling Rivalry! Drawing on his childhood memories as a back-seat brawler with his two sisters Nancy and Susie, and his adult experience as parent of three children, Dr. Fay shares his wit and wisdom on the subject as only someone who has been on both sides of the armrest can.

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by Charles Fay, Ph.D.
2 Audio CD set, 110 min.
Age Teens, All Ages