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Success with Severely Disruptive Youth - Webinar

Success with Severely Disruptive Youth - Webinar

Jedd Hafer unpacks the most effective elements of the Love and Logic approach when dealing with tough kids and tough behaviors.

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Proven Techniques for the Classroom and Home

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This webinar contains:

  • Practical, rubber-meets-the-road skills for handling severe misbehavior in a variety of settings.
  • An overall approach for kids who make adults say, "Nothing works with this kid!"
  • Real skills that will boost your confidence in the most difficult situations from this 17 year veteran of residential treatment for court ordered youth.
  • Lots of laughs.

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by Jedd Hafer
Webinar, 298 min.

$79.00 per person.
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Product Reviews

So Helpful!

Teachy Teach/May 10, 2017


This webinar was life-changing! It actually made me cry while I watched it and I recall specific tips and use them almost every day in my alternative classroom. There is no way I could have survived this past year without Love & Logic and these incredibly helpful stories and skills. Must see!

More Geared Towards Teachers, but Still Beneficial to as a Parent

KK/March 4, 2017


Jedd is a wonderful, engaging presenter who brings a bunch of experience to the table. His talk is filled with hilarious and heart-tugging stories that both teach and entertain. One caveat is that Jedd is not teaching from a PowerPoint. He's not going to go these are the four techniques to use in this situation. The worksheets that one can print out with this seminar are just an excerpt from the main materials one would get if attending in person (at least that is how it seems.) I think that this would be a lot better if they worked on the accompanying materials which need updating and more cohesiveness. Still, I'm glad I watched. Another regret is that I will not be able to re-watch this as the link expires after three weeks. I believe one would benefit from watching this multiple times.