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Success with Underachievers - DVD

Success with Underachievers: Creating Self-Motivated Learners - DVD

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NEW! It’s no secret that self-disciplined, higher achieving kids do better in school and go on to lead more fulfilling lives. What role do we play in creating kids that can persevere even when things get hard?

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Success with Underachievers: Creating Self-Motivated Learners

Sometimes the very things that we try to help solve a problem actually make it worse. Parents and educators typically find that punishments and rewards create more problems with underachieving students than they solve. Why? Because they violate the child’s need for control.

For over 40 years the Love and Logic Institute has been a trusted leader in helping parents, educators and counselors learn the secrets to raising kids who are self-regulating, high achieving and fun to be around.

In this solution-geared, fun-filled video you will learn:

  • The Five Goals for Success with Underachievers.
  • How to create healthy achievement beliefs.
  • How to help kids develop intrinsic motivation.
  • Why lectures, threats and warnings don’t work.
This item is available as a CD, DVD, MP3 Download or Webinar.

Charles Fay, Ph.D.
DVD, 109 min.

A course workbook .pdf is included on the DVD.

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