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Teaching with Love and Logic - Completely Revised Second Edition - e-Book -

Teaching with Love and Logic - Completely Revised Second Edition - e-Book

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NEW! Jim and Charles Fay will teach you how to effectively manage your classroom through shared control, choices within limits and the importance of relationships.


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Taking Control of the Classroom

The Gold Standard of Practical and Effective Solutions for…

  • Gaining cooperation from students who don’t respond to traditional behavior management systems.
  • Managing large groups of students without having to apply complicated, time-consuming techniques.
  • Motivating apathetic students who just won’t try.
  • Reducing classroom drama and helping students learn to take responsibility for solving the problems they face.
  • Succeeding with extremely difficult Helicopter or Drill Sergeant parents.
  • Creating a Love and Logic classroom culture of dignity and respect where students are empowered to think about learning even more than their teachers.
  • Taking great care of yourself as you inspire your students toward greatness.

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by Jim Fay and Charles Fay, Ph.D.
e-Book, 278 pp.

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