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The Life Saver Kit

The Life Saver Kit - CD

Six audio CDs in one package… A complete collection of great parenting techniques. Includes updated Helicopters, Drill Sergeants, and Consultants audio!

SKU: 09-94-231

The Life Saver Kit contains the following six CD's:

  • Four Steps to Responsibility… this audio will teach your kids good decision making skills.
  • Raising the Odds for Responsible Behavior… learn how to create a high self-concept in your child.
  • Avoiding Power Struggles with Kids… listen and learn how to avoid everyday struggles that can destroy relationships.
  • Love Me Enough to Set Some Limits… the skills on this CD will help you stop arguing and start having fun with your kids.
  • Helicopters, Drill Sergeants, and Consultants (Updated version of our best selling audio!)… Jim and Charles give you the skills to stop ranting, raving, rescuing and start raise great kids.
  • Didn't I Tell You to Take Out the Trash?!… learn how to help your kids become responsible members of the family.

All six CDs in this package will help your children grow up to be responsible, caring, successful adults.

This item is available as a CD or MP3 Download.

6 Audio CD set, 7 hrs., 15 min.

Age Young Children, Ages 7-12, Teens, All Ages

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Product Reviews

Great resource

David C/January 26, 2018


My personal experience using the real life experiences and logical anolgies described in the series has made raising my children less stressful. The examples are easy to listen to and simple to understand. I feel it is a great value for my children to be raised by these philosophies.