It Is Okay for Kids to Learn About Love and Logic?

It Is Okay for Kids to Learn About Love and Logic?

Often parents ask us if it is it okay for kids to hear Love and Logic audios or know that their parents are taking Love and Logic classes. Not only is it okay, but we have seen that there can be benefits to kids hearing the Love and Logic message. Here are three ways that kids might benefit in the long term and the short term from learning about Love and Logic skills when they are young.

It increases the likelihood that they will be great parents someday. The Love and Logic skills parents learn help them to be more intentional about what they impart to their kids, including those very Love and Logic lessons. Kids will inevitably remember some of those lessons later in life—ask anyone who was raised with love and Logic (we’ve been around since 1977) and see if they don’t have some Love and Logic wisdom come leaking out when talking to their own kids.

It sends a message that being a great parent is important to their parents. It is not a bad thing for kids to hear that we are trying to become the best parents that we can be. We know parents who will say to their kids: “You are just so important to me. I want to learn as much as I can and do the best job raising you that I can.” What a great message for kids to receive: ‘You are this important to me.’

It teaches healthy relationship skills for other areas of their lives. Because Love and Logic is all about authentic relationships, empathy, and respect, we don’t need to worry that kids are going to learn tricks or gimmicks. If they hear or overhear us gaining better people skills or relationship skills, we believe that can only benefit them. So much of what they learn is from example and by using Love and Logic skills, we are modeling respectful ways to treat others.

So do not worry or fret when kids overhear you listening to a Love and Logic audio or even when they say, “You’re just using that Love and Logic stuff!” You might answer, “Thanks for noticing. I’ve been working on my skills but I have a long way to go.”


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Dr. Charles Fay



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