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Over the past 45 years we have developed and refined the most intuitive approach for effective parenting.
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Do you find yourself:
Do you find yourself:
  • Arguing over homework?
  • Bribing kids to do chores and behave?
  • Fighting with kids over their devices?
  • Constantly playing referee?
  • Feeling like you must yell to be heard?
You can do this!
You can do this!

Imagine a calmer, happier home free from yelling, nagging, guilt, and frustration - filled with learning, caring, and mutual respect.

Learn How to be a Patient, Inspiring Parent!
Learn How to be a Patient, Inspiring Parent!

Example - Modeling healthy behavior is our most powerful tool

Experience - Mistakes are priceless learning opportunities

Empathy - Showing empathy teaches empathy

These are the Three Es of Love and Logic!

Get started today with all these options:
Get started today with all these options:
  • Audios to listen to on-the-go
  • Ebooks you can read immediately
  • Online courses that fit your schedule
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"Love & Logic has changed every facet of my life! Now I have the right skills and tools..."

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Natalie G.

"I learned how to let me kids make mistakes so that they are equipped to make the right..."

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Debbie B.

"Love & Logic has been extremely helpful in teaching my kids critical thinking skills..."

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