Teachers Turn Your Words into Gold

By Jim Fay


Ineffective Technique Love and Logic Technique
Please sit down. I'm going to start now. I'll begin as soon as you are seated.
Please be quiet. It's time to begin. I'll be glad to start as soon as you show me that you are ready.
Open your books to page 54. I'll be working from page 54.
I'm not going to line you up until everyone is quiet. I'll be lining people up as soon as it is quiet.
Don't sharpen your pencil while I'm talking. I allow people to sharpen pencils when I am not giving directions.
You can't go to the restroom until I finish the directions. Feel free to go to the restroom when I'm not giving directions.
Don't be bothering your neighbors. You are welcome to stay with us as long as you and others are not being bothered.
Keep your hands to yourself. Feel free to stay with us when you can keep your hands to yourself.
Turn your assignment in on time or you'll get a lower grade. I give full credit for papers turned in on time.
Don't talk to me in that tone of voice! I'll listen as soon as your voice is as calm as mine.
You show some respect. I'll be glad to discuss this when respect is shown.
Don't be late for class. All of those who arrive on time go home on time.
Don't try to turn in sloppy papers to me. I'll be glad to accept all papers that meet the neatness standard for this room.
Keep your desks organized and neat. All owners of neat desks are welcome to join us at recess.
I'm not loaning you any more paper. I loan paper to those who have not borrowed before.
If you can't remember your pencil, you're just going to have to do without. Feel free to borrow from anyone but me.
You're not going out without your coat. You may go out as soon as you have your coat.
You're not going to stay in this group and act like that. You may stay with us if you can give up on that behavior.
Don't you come back to this room until you can show some respect! Feel free to come back to the room as soon as you are calm.
Quit breaking the rules of the game. Those who can follow the rules are welcome to play the game.
Stop arguing with me. I'll be glad to discuss this with you as soon as the arguing stops.
If you can't treat the paintbrushes right, you'll just have to sit out this project. All of those who can handle the paintbrushes right are welcome to join us in the project.
If you forget your permission slip, you're going to miss the trip. All of those who remember permission slips are welcome to go on the field trip.


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