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Childhood Grief, Loss, & Trauma - Audio

Childhood Grief, Loss, & Trauma - Audio

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Helping Kids Cope

Sometimes the pain comes from the death of a grandparent. Sometimes it’s related to a family move, the death of a beloved pet, or some other common, yet painful event.

Other times, the injury is much deeper and caused by trauma. The hurt, anxiety, and fear run so deep that they become debilitating. Attempting to cope, kids resort to desperate measures. They push us away… they retreat into themselves… they hurt others… they hurt themselves.

In this audio, Dr. Fay discusses practical strategies to help kids cope by applying his Seven Principles of Empowerment:

  1. The better we deal with our pain, the better kids will deal with theirs.
  2. We remain effective when we avoid taking their behavior personal.
  3. A listening ear is therapeutic.
  4. Daily routines and expectations provide a sense of safety.
  5. When kids help others they speed their own healing.Strategies for developing a positive home-school team.
  6. Providing honest information reduces anxiety.Tips for rebuilding motivation in academically discouraged youth.
  7. Our focus determines our effectiveness.

by Charles Fay, Ph.D.
Audio, 1 hour, 47 minutes - stream and/or download

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