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Quick and Easy Classroom Interventions - CD

Quick and Easy Classroom Interventions - CD

In this audio, you will learn skills that allow teachers to take back control of the classroom through an escalating series of interventions.
SKU: 09-94-312
23 Proven Tools for Increasing Student Cooperation

Interventions that will:
  • Increase learning time for students.
  • Decrease office referrals.
  • Help teachers manage disruptive students.
  • Immediately eliminate struggles with resistant students.
  • Reduce teachers’ stress so that they enjoy teaching again.

This item is available as a CD or MP3 Download.

by Jim Fay
2 Audio CD set, 180 min.
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Product Reviews

Awesome tips

Nancy/April 3, 2017


I love the great tips on the CD. I would love it even more if it were a dvd.