Service is a Wonderful Thing

Service is a Wonderful Thing

Service is a wonderful thing for kids to observe. They learn so much from example. It’s important for them to learn that we feel good when we do good.

What else do kids learn from watching others serve? Selflessness? Determination? A commitment to something larger than ourselves?

Presently, I am thinking about many different types of service. Especially military service. Thousands of families across our country and around the world make daily sacrifices so that members of those families may SERVE in the military. It is no small contribution.

This type of service is especially near to my heart because my oldest son is a United States Marine.

The Marines have several clever sayings which sum up the personality of the USMC. One I find particularly amusing is: “To err is human, to forgive is divine… neither is Marine Corps policy.”

This one makes my son smile too as it reflects the type of toughness combined with high standards required in the jobs many Marines and other service members perform.

As we civilians walk around in our daily lives without thinking much about our safety and freedom, we can do that in large part because brave people have committed to defending us. We don’t always realize the difficulties service members, veterans and their families face.

At the Love and Logic Institute, we appreciate that military families make special sacrifices and that our veterans who have defended freedom have given in ways we really can’t begin to fully understand.

For that reason, we make this special offer on an ongoing basis:

Any family of active duty military or veterans in any military branch can get this special audio from us absolutely free.

Love and Logic for Heroes

The audio is designed to help families deal with the unique challenges military service can present while raising kids -  such as long deployments and shifting roles upon return.

Additionally, proceeds from purchases of this audio will benefit the Given Limb Foundation.

If you know a military family, you may purchase the audio for them as a gift and benefit others in two ways. We are happy to offer this small way we can say ‘thank you’ to those who serve and have served.

Please call us at 800.338.4065 M-F 7a – 5p (MT) with any questions or to place an order for yourself or on behalf of someone else.

Thank you and let’s be sure kids see us serving and appreciating the service of others.


Jedd Hafer

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