Helping Others Helps Us

Helping Others Helps Us

I know a couple who took their kids to shop for food and other groceries for some neighbors who are in a high-risk group for the virus. They said the kids couldn’t stop talking about it and asking if they could do more.

Another family I know had their kids do a project in which they made and decorated a bunch of really nice cards for residents of their local care center for seniors. The kids questioned why they ‘had’ to do it at first – then they proceeded to smile the entire time they worked and smiled even bigger when the cards were delivered – even though they couldn’t really see the grateful residents’ reactions through the glass of the center.

I started wondering who got more out of these exercises.

I really believe it might have been the kids and their parents.  I am convinced that we don’t just FEEL good when we do good, but that acts of helping others have an actual healing effect on us.

There are so many negative thoughts attempting to have a NASCAR race through my mind these days. And, to be honest, many of those thoughts are all about me. How is this going to affect me? What am I going to do?

If I am able to keep perspective, I sometimes remember that other people happen to be walking this Earth as well, struggling and worrying just like me. It helps to remember that

Like a camera, I can choose where to focus. I can point my ‘camera’ at myself or my problems. Or, I can choose to focus on something better – like solutions or helping other people.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this magical moment when the focus moves away from yourself and your own worries - to the noble pursuit of helping others. Something happens to our own pain and worry in these moments. I don’t know the exact scientific explanation for this phenomenon. I just know that it’s true.

Helping others can actually heal us. That’s not an exaggeration. That’s not figurative. I encourage you to test this out. Do good things for others and see if it doesn’t heal you a little. Then, teach and model this for your kids.

As always, we love to hear about your results.
Thanks for reading and spreading some love (and logic).


Thanks for reading and sharing!

Jedd Hafer

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