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Practical classroom solutions that save time and energy

Positive techniques for maintaining calm and effective classrooms    

Today’s educators are faced with a dizzying array of competing demands related to implementing new curricula, student testing and other mandates.  At the same time, most are seeing ever increasing numbers of students with significant emotional and behavioral problems

  • Educator Package -
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    Educator Package

    Do you find yourself using up all your energy with someone else's kids? Would you like to have energy left over at the end of the day for yourself and your family? Refer to details tab to explore what is included in each package format.

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  • Teaching with Love and Logic - Completely Revised Second Edition -
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    Teaching with Love and Logic - Completely Revised Second Edition

    Jim and Charles Fay will teach you how to effectively manage your classroom through shared control, choices within limits and the importance of relationships.

    Pre-order the book today and while you wait we will send a free e-Book of the original edition. Just add a quantity of 1 for both formats (below), input the coupon code TEACH in the shopping cart and you will receive an email containing a link to download the original edition of the e-Book.

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