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Keeping Cool When Parenting Heats Up

Keeping Cool When Parenting Heats Up

Dr. Charles Fay and long time trainer, Leah Wells, share tips to stay calm even when your kids are pushing all your buttons.

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Tips for Staying Calm and Collected

In this audio you will learn:
  • How to avoid common mistakes you make while trying to do the right thing for your kids.
  • How to stay calm when your kids are pushing your buttons.
  • The importance of empathy.
by Dr. Charles Fay and Leah Wells
Audio, 51 min.

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Age Young Children, Ages 7-12, Teens, All Ages

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Product Reviews

A much needed reminder to stay calm

Sash/April 27, 2017


I listen to this once a month (should probably listen more often). With two toddlers, sometimes I get stressed and frustrated and admittedly turn into more of a drill sergeant than I would like. This audio, which I listen to on the way to and from work, offers great tips for how to respond calmly. The audio itself is relaxing for me to listen to and kind of resets (lowers) my intensity level for several days after.