Certificate of Completion

Instructions to Obtain a Certificate of Completion

After purchasing the course you will need to download, complete and email the course questionnaire to cservice@loveandlogic.com. The course questionnaire is located in the course, along with the videos. You will want to have the questionnaire in front of you before watching the videos.

Next, visit https://courses.loveandlogic.com/offers/WzN8wLfU/checkout to pay the $25 fee (per person). The questionnaire is usually reviewed during business hours the same day.

If the $25 fee has been paid and the questionnaire is complete (with correct answers), we will reply back with an attached PDF file, containing the certificate of completion.

If you are taking the course as a couple, the answers on each questionnaire must be unique.

Note: The questionnaire must be first downloaded to your computer in order to save your answers (your answers will not be saved if you do not download and save the PDF file to your computer). Alternatively, you can print and email the photos of the completed questionnaire.