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The class has very good steps and ideas for becoming a better parent. They also provide stories from friends and themselves to show how everything helps. I enjoyed all of the stories, but there was one at the very end where it made me realize how close you are to your children. They are only with us for so long, so make it last. The steps in this class make it so that the time you have with your children is well spent and not wasted on anger and harsh discipline. Very well made! –Dalton

This on-line class is priceless for those that need applicable tools to deal with conflict and our children. I was required to take this class, but wish I had taken it on my own long ago. – R.G.

The tools are simple and easy to use. I have never seen such simple tools have such an exponential effect on a parent’s life, including tools to help kids be more responsible. – Larry K.


Who should take this online parenting class:


  • Parents wanting to learn new, effective skills.
  • Parents needing to take a class to fulfill court requirements.
  • Parents unable to take an in-person parenting course.
  • New parents


Parents taking this online parenting class will discover how to:

  • Set kids up for success by allowing them to make small mistakes when the price tag is small.
  • End arguing and manipulation
  • Avoid power struggles
  • Guide kids to own and solve their problems
  • And more!

Try the online course today worry-free!