Love and Logic Story

The Love and Logic Story

It was the mid 1970’s, and two men were concerned about the number of parents and educators struggling with challenging children and teens.

They won’t listen to a thing I say. If I’d have known how hard it was to be a parent, I wouldn’t have had kids! 
Every year the students get more out of control. Now I spend more time doing discipline than teaching. Something’s got to give!


Foster W. Cline, M.D., a child psychiatrist, and Jim Fay an educator of nearly thirty years, began their quest to find solutions. Over the next decade their research and real-life experience gave birth to the Love and Logic approach. Learn more about underlying research.

These respected experts discovered that children thrive when they…

  • have loving, compassionate and genuinely empathetic parents and teachers
  • experience consistent limits and accountability
  • are allowed to learn by making plenty of small, “affordable” mistakes
  • are taught to own and solve the problems they encounter


Today Love and Logic is trusted world-wide for practical and effective resources for bringing the joy back to parenting and teaching.

Parenting is fun again. Now I actually look forward to my kids acting-up… so that I can use my new skills.
 I was burned-out and ready to quit teaching. Love and Logic saved my career.