Love & Logic Education

Positive Teaching Solutions and Practical Classroom Management

Techniques for Teachers, Educators and Administrators to Save Time and Energy

Today’s educators are faced with a dizzying array of competing demands related to implementing new curricula, student testing and other mandates. At the same time, most are seeing ever-increasing numbers of students with significant emotional and behavioral problems, a challenge to manage and maintain a peaceful, positive and effective classroom.

Teachers need simple and effective tools that don’t require them to implement still another new and complex “program.” That’s why we at Love and Logic have devoted the last four decades to distilling complex theory into a menu of simple yet effective tools.

Findings drawn from research-based principles:

  • Respect, appreciation and love prevents potential problems

When students feel respected, appreciated and even loved by their teachers, they are far more motivated and cause far fewer problems. 

  • Freedom to problem-solve and make decisions fosters motivation

Students are far calmer and more motivated when their teachers allow them to make choices and solve their own problems within limits. 

  • Focusing energy on problem prevention is rewarding

Successful educators focus most of their energy on simple tools for preventing misbehavior or keeping it small...rather than trying to provide consequences for every problem.

  • Showing empathy and compassion is effective

When consequences are necessary, effective educators provide them with sincere empathy or compassion. 


Quite simply, we’re in the business of helping teachers do what they love:  Teach and enjoy their students!