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Teaching with Love and Logic - 2nd Edition

Teaching with Love and Logic

NEW! Jim and Charles Fay will teach you effective classroom interventions using shared control, choices within limits and the importance of relationships.

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NEW - Updated Second Edition!

Taking Control of the Classroom

The Gold Standard of practical and effective strategies for…

  • Gaining cooperation from students who don’t respond to traditional behavior management systems
  • Managing large groups of students without having to apply complicated, time-consuming techniques
  • Motivating apathetic students who just won’t try
  • Reducing classroom drama and helping students learn to take responsibility for solving the problems they face
  • Succeeding with extremely difficult Helicopter or Drill Sergeant parents
  • Classroom intervention and behavior management
  • Taking great care of yourself as you inspire your students toward greatness
  • Teaching defiant kids

by Jim Fay and Charles Fay, Ph.D.
Book, 278 pp.
Audio, 321 min. Read by Dr. Charles Fay and Cody Fay!

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Product Reviews

Most useful tool for the year.

Heidi/September 7, 2017


I haven't read the first edition but I participated in a workshop during my student teaching. I'm not a naturally assertive person and I need concrete steps for how to approach problems in the classroom before I can be flexible. I found that this book meets my needs and I will be referring to it all year. I also appreciate the stories that bring Love and Logic to life and I told my colleague (also a new teacher about it). If you can read even just the first chapter you will find help and encouragement.

1st edition more helpful, but 2nd edition more user friendly

danny/June 1, 2017


I own the original edition and purchased two copies of the new edition for colleagues. The information is very similar between the two editions, yet the tone of the second edition doesn't quite strike the same tone as the first. The information in the first seems to be organized around themes a little better and comes off seeming like a strong, believable authority. I suspect that the audio-book version of the second edition would be very good. I have purchased other audio products from L and L and listen to them repeatedly to internalize the learning.

Great Update

Andy/November 17, 2016


Dr. Charlie and Jim took an outstanding title and brought it back to immediate relevance for anyone working with kids in today's classrooms & schools. Love and Logic's powerful, rich, and realistic approach bring even more light and hope to this veteran L&L teacher's life. My students will say thank you...both now and in 20 years!!!