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23 Classroom Interventions

By Jim Fay

Easy-to-Use Classroom Management Techniques

These easy-to-use classroom management techniques allow teachers to maintain classroom control while they effectively handle even the most troublesome classroom behaviors.

  • Give the student the "evil eye."
  • Walk toward the student.
  • Stand close to the student.
  • Eye contact and a shake of the head indicating "No."
  • A gentle hand upon the shoulder of the student.
  • A statement indicating disfavor.
  • Change the student's location.
  • Statement of misplaced behavior.
  • Using an I-message.
  • Teacher sets limits by describing what he/she allows/does, or provides, without telling the students what to do about it.
  • Provide choices.
  • Removing the student from the group to time-out.
  • Requiring student to fill in a form during time-out before he/she can return to the group.
  • Student is excused to the office for a short "cooling off" period. No counseling is requested of the administrator.
  • Give the student an appointment to talk about the problem.
  • Restricting the student from the area of his/her infraction until a new plan of action is identified and written out by the student.
  • Student is restricted from the area of the infraction until the adults feel that another try is in order. The student then returns to the area on a day to day basis.
  • Providing a natural or logical consequence with empathy.
  • Student makes an "informational telephone call" to his/her parents to describe the problem and his/her plans for improvement. Teacher calls first without student's knowledge to alert parent and seek support.
  • Student writes an "informational letter" to parents describing his/her actions or problems with plans for improvement. Letter is to be signed and returned and is the student's ticket to return to class.
  • An appointment is made with the administrator for consultation. The teacher, administrator, and student form a team to discuss possible solutions.
  • A parent conference is held. This includes parent, teacher, administrator, and student.
  • Student is suspended from school until a parent conference is held.

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