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kid in handcuffs

Caught! What Do I Do Now?
June 21, 2017

There will never be enough rules, rewards, or consequences to get difficult kids to behave if the relationship is absent.

girl with cake and gifts

Toxic Birthday Parties
June 14, 2017

Is it just me, or have children’s birthday parties gotten a bit out of hand?

photo of Jedd Hafer

Parenting: Defiant Children
June 12, 2017

Defiance is incredibly frustrating and has the ability to shut down our effectiveness while pushing our buttons.

photo of Nancy Thomas

The Answers to RAD & Other Disruptive Behavior Disorders
June 9, 2017

Gain skills that are research backed and proven to work with emotionally disturbed children.

teenager using a computer

Privacy: How Much Should Kids Have?
June 7, 2017

It’s our job to do our best to know what’s going on in our children’s lives.

photo of Jim Fay

Success with Strong-Willed Kids
June 5, 2017

Can you be successful parenting a strong-willed kid? Find out with Jim Fay!

photo of Larry Kerby

Why You Get Upset with Your Kids and What to do About It
June 2, 2017

Does it seem like you’re getting angry with your children or students all the time? Find the answers here.

photo of Brenda Bird

Building Constructive Classrooms on a Foundation of Love, Logic & Laughter
June 1, 2017

Polish and sharpen your teaching tools with Brenda Bird.

kids teasing girl

4 Best Ways to Help with Bullying
May 31, 2017

Empower your kids with easy and effective tools to move them from victims to victors!

Josh Shipp

The Teen Training Manual You Never Got
May 26, 2017

Get your teen to listen and take action, without nagging.

a girl playing a guitar with her mother

The Challenge for Kids with Talent
May 24, 2017

Some of the brattiest kids I’ve ever met have been ones endowed with special gifts from birth. Why?

Dr. Joe Martin Speaking

Motivate to Educate
May 17, 2017

The #1 question on most teachers’ (and parents') mind is, “How do I motivate my child(ren)?”

disappointed student looking at her graded paper

How Failure Can Lead to Success
May 10, 2017

Who are the most successful people you personally know? Have they always been successful, or have they experienced a good degree of failure?

Kids pointing and laughing at another student in the hall

How to Deal with Bullying
May 3, 2017

Bullying hurts, and we want it to end right now. Despite this desire, the reality is that we all have only limited control over the world and how our children are treated by it.

teacher in classroom with students

Motivating Kids to Learn
April 26, 2017

Olivia spends most of every school day sniffing her desk rather than completing assignments. Carson takes twenty-seven trips back and forth from the pencil sharpener.

A child that misbehaved is sitting in the principal's office

Is "I'm Sorry" Enough?
April 19, 2017

I'm asked quite often, "When my child misbehaves or causes a problem for someone, he's quick to say, 'I'm sorry.' Is that enough, or should he have a consequence?"

brother and sister arguing

Should Our Kids Like Each Other?
April 12, 2017

When it comes to sibling conflict, it’s common for all of us to focus on the wrong problem: Their relationship with each other rather than our relationship with them.

two kids plugging their ears while their mother talks

Dealing with a Defiant Child
April 5, 2017

“What do you do when they say, ‘I’m not doing that! You can’t make me!’?”

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