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two kids on their phones

Help! Technology Is Already a Problem
September 13, 2019

Be Willing to Fight This Battle!

a crying child

Guiding Kids to Own and Solve Their Problems
September 6, 2019

Get kids thinking more about their problems than we do.

kid sitting on ground looking sad

Avoiding Entitlement
August 30, 2019

Things You Can Do to Avoid Entitlement

teacher in classroom with students

Motivating Kids to Learn
August 23, 2019

Love and Logic dives into the concrete, practical strategies for each step of this process.

The Need for Attention
August 7, 2019

Do Kids Act Out to Get Attention?

parents and a child smiling

Find Out How Praise Can Create Pain
July 31, 2019

Discover an alternative to intentional praise that’s far more effective.

smiling teacher and students in classroom

Classroom Management or Leadership?
July 26, 2019

Classroom management continues to be the biggest concern for teachers.

Helping Kids Cope with Divorce
July 19, 2019

Children learn the biggest lessons about coping with adversity by seeing how their parents do it.

As Soon As…
July 12, 2019

A magic phrase for getting things done.

dollar bills on fire

Kids and Money: Face to Face with Reality
July 5, 2019

Start teaching your child financial responsibility when they are young.

dollar bills on fire

Kids and Money: Four Steps to Responsibility
June 28, 2019

Learn the four easy steps to teach your child responsibility.

dollar bills on fire

Kids and Money: Practical Tips for Financial Responsibility
June 21, 2019

Is your child’s lack of financial responsibility causing you to worry?

Little kid standing up wearing a hat and backpack

Drop-off Disasters
June 14, 2019

Minimize Meltdowns When Dropping Kids off or Leaving Their Presence

Charles Fay, Ph.D. and Jedd Hafer

Raising Good Human Beings
June 7, 2019

We can raise good people if we are intentional.

kid holding a video game controller

Is It Too Late to Start?
May 31, 2019

It’s Never Too Late!

a mother and child hugging

Treating Symptoms AND Causes of Defiance
May 24, 2019

Powerful and lasting solutions address both symptoms and underlying needs.

two kids plugging their ears while their mother talks

Dealing with a Defiant Child
May 17, 2019

“What do you do when they say, ‘I’m not doing that! You can’t make me!’?”

brother and sister arguing

Sibling Rivalry: Should Our Kids Like Each Other?
May 10, 2019

When it comes to sibling conflict, it’s common for all of us to focus on the wrong problem: Their relationship with each other rather than our relationship with them.

Teaching with Love and Logic

Thank You Teachers!
May 3, 2019

Teaching just got easier.

Tooth brushes on a counter

Are You Having Trouble with Your Kids Brushing Their Teeth?
April 26, 2019

Discover an alternative to the anger and frustration that feeds misbehavior.

Sense of Humor Required

Sense of Humor Required
April 19, 2019

Love and Logic is not for everyone – especially people who don’t laugh.

Empowering Kids with Special Needs

The Best Advice for Helping Kids with Special Needs
April 12, 2019

Err on the side of believing they are capable.

siblings facing each other arguing

Sibling Rivalry – A Happier Mom
April 5, 2019

Read a success story from a mom who implemented steps for a calmer happier home.

October is Bullying Prevention Month

A Three-Pronged Approach to Bullying
March 29, 2019

Learn how to successfully address bullying.

a river in the mountains

A Menu of Wonderful Options
March 22, 2019

Real Life Solutions for Real Life Problems

a girl looking suspicious while whispering to a friend

Children and Lying: Stop Lying Before It Starts
March 15, 2019

Find out how to stop your child from lying before they even lie.

Effort Over Luck
March 8, 2019

The ‘Perspiration Plan vs. the ‘Las Vegas Plan’

The Internet

I’m Worried About My Kids’ Online Safety
March 1, 2019

Are we right to worry about internet dangers?

A mother and father holding hands together with their child

Achieving Healthy Love and Relationships
February 22, 2019

Love and Logic shows us how to remain compassionate and powerful at the very same time.

a smiling boy using a vacuum cleaner

Learn the ABC’s for Training Kids to Do Chores
February 15, 2019

You can achieve chores and school success with your kids!

a student handing his teacher an apple

Everything Rests on Relationships
February 8, 2019

What Makes Love and Logic Actually Work?

an angry woman yelling and pointing

They Need to Calm Down
February 2, 2019

What to Do with a Really Upset Person

a broken window

When Kids Get in Trouble Outside the Home
January 25, 2019

What can we do when kids get in trouble at school or other places?

a lifeguard looking through a telescope

Empowered Kids – Not Victims
January 18, 2019

We want kids who don’t need us to solve all their problems.

teenager using a computer

Privacy: How Much Should Kids Have?
January 11, 2019

It’s our job to do our best to know what’s going on in our children’s lives.

A boy and girl playing the violin and piano

Practice: Skill Building for High Intensity Situations
January 4, 2019

We all know how we get better at things in life. We practice.

man looking into a mirror

A New Me
Dec 28, 2018

Giving ourselves a break when we blow it.

disappointed student looking at her graded paper

How Failure Can Lead to Success
Dec 21, 2018

Who are the most successful people you personally know? Have they always been successful, or have they experienced a good degree of failure?

a dart board with darts in the bulls eye

Learn How Love and Logic Helps Your Child Reap Life’s Rewards
December 14, 2018

Are you confused about rewarding your kids as a parent or teacher?

A report card, papers and a base ball

How Should We Respond to Poor Grades?
December 7, 2018

Find out how to up the odds of high achievement.

kid in handcuffs

Caught! What Do I Do Now?
November 30, 2018

There will never be enough rules, rewards, or consequences to get difficult kids to behave if the relationship is absent.

father and son having a discussion

Love and Logic: A Whole Child Approach
November 16, 2018

What do they mean ‘whole child’?

Kids pointing and laughing at another student in the hall

How to Deal with Bullying
November 2, 2018

Bullying hurts, and we want it to end right now. Despite this desire, the reality is that we all have only limited control over the world and how our children are treated by it.

two adults being supporting a traumatized teenager

Discover How Empathy Helps Kids Who’ve Experienced Trauma
October 28, 2018

Feeling sorry for kids isn’t the same thing as loving them and empowering them to heal.

A child that misbehaved is sitting in the principal's office

Is "I'm Sorry" Enough?
October 19, 2018

I'm asked quite often, "When my child misbehaves or causes a problem for someone, he's quick to say, 'I'm sorry.' Is that enough, or should he have a consequence?"

two kids plugging their ears while their mother talks

Dealing with a Defiant Child
October 12, 2018

“What do you do when they say, ‘I’m not doing that! You can’t make me!’?”

kids playing video games on tablets

Don’t Raise an Entertainment Junkie
October 5, 2018

Children who’ve been constantly entertained grow into adults who are constantly bored.

a lawnmower

Lawnmower Parents: Protecting Our Turf
September 28, 2018

The new breed of Helicopter Parents

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