More Quick and Easy Classroom Intervention Strategies

More Quick and Easy Classroom Intervention Strategies

Last week we looked at some strategies that Love and Logic teachers use to redirect behavior and maintain control of their classrooms—strategies are included in our Quick and Easy Classroom Interventions audio. This week we will look at a few more strategies that will establish positive relationships between teachers and students, emphasize the importance of using empathy, and provide teachers with tools for handling particularly difficult situations.

  • Use the following one-liner to establish a connection with the student:

a. “I noticed that ________.” Developing a positive relationship between the teacher and student is very powerful. This is one of the most powerful Love and Logic skills. Noticing a student’s interests and acknowledging them is one way to establish a positive connection. Remember, deliver this one-liner without any follow-up comment, such as, “That’s great.”

  • Use Recovery Time.

a. Remove student for a “cool off” period.

  • Give natural consequences with empathy.

a. Genuine, sincere expressions of empathy must precede the consequence. Lectures about how much the child should learn from his/her experience cancel out the benefit of the consequence.

  • Model and teach problem solving.

a. Lead with empathy: “Tough problem, huh?”

b. Follow with a sincere question: “What do you plan to do?”

c. Gain permission to share: “Would you like to know what others have tried?”

d. Explore possible outcomes: “How do you think this might work for you?”

e. Allow to solve or not: “Good luck. Let me know how it works out.”

f. Or take ownership: “Feel free to ______ when ______.”

  • Move into involving other people, if necessary.

a. You can enlist the assistance of others, such as principals, counselors, parents, coaches, therapists, etc.

These techniques of Love and Logic used in the classroom are explored in more detail in on our classic book, Teaching with Love and Logic: Taking Control of the Classroom. This book includes the principles and techniques of Love and Logic for educators and is an excellent resource for all teachers!


Thanks for reading!

Dr. Charles Fay

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