Quick and Easy Classroom Intervention Strategies

Quick and Easy Classroom Intervention Strategies

Teachers continue to face many new challenges in the classroom. In fact, some reports suggest that currently over 75% of teachers report frequent job-related stress. Love and Logic can help teachers in many ways reduce stress levels.

Our Quick and Easy Classroom Interventions provide teachers with 23 tools that can help them reduce chaos in the classroom. These strategies rely on a variety of subtle actions designed to redirect the behavior while maintaining the flow of the lesson. Below are some examples:

  • Begin with nonverbals.

a. Give the “evil eye.”

b. Use a signal—shake of the head, arm movement, etc.

c. Walk toward the student while continuing to teach.

d. Stand close to the student.

  • Use lots of empathy.

a. Nonverbal—look sad or concerned.

b. Verbal – try to lead with how you think the other person might be feeling as in “That must be really upsetting?”

  • Use “I” instead of “You” statements, such as:

a. “I’ll start when…”

b. “I will be happy to…”

  • Get them thinking with suggestions, such as:

a. “What do you plan to do about that?”

b. “Is this helping?”

c. “What’s your best guess…?”

  • Give choices, such as:

a. “You are welcome to ______ or to ______.”

b. “Feel free to ______ or to ______.”

  • Use your one-liner, such as.:

a. “Could be.”

b. “Possibly so.”

c. “Nice try.”

Quick and Easy Classroom Intervention strategies like these have proven to be very powerful in classrooms around the country. In next week’s blog, we will look at more interventions that can help teachers.

For more insights into classroom interventions, listen to our audio, Quick and Easy Classroom Interventions: 23 Proven Tools for Increasing Student Cooperation.


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