How Do We Help Students Want to Learn and Behave?

Learn the skills you need to create a positive learning environment

This course is designed to equip teachers quickly with the skills necessary for managing even the toughest situations, creating an environment where students want to behave, and instilling the love of learning.

What You'll Learn...

  • How to diffuse arguments
  • Keys to fostering intrinsic motivation
  • Easy-to-use skills for managing classroom disruptions
  • The power of sincere empathy
  • And so much more

What's Included In This Course...

Module 1 & 2

Take Good Care of Yourself

  • Prevent unwinnable arguments
  • Buy time when you need it
  • Easy-to-use skills for managing classroom disruptions
  • Be powerful and loving at the same time

Module 3

Minimize Power Struggles Over Learning

  • Get students to apply themselves
  • As soon as a power struggle begins, good academic learning ends
  • Getting at the roots and building trust

Module 4 & 5

Maintain Order in The Classroom

  • The key to effective limits
  • A backup plan
  • A practical discipline plan
  • Focus on prevention

Module 6

Promote Personal Responsibility

  • The goal of having kids thinking and working harder on their own lives then we are
  • Using empathy effectively
  • Make the consequence the bad guy

100% Life-Changing Guarantee

How Do We Help Students Want to Learn and Behave?

Quite simply, we’re in the business of helping teachers do what they love: Teach and enjoy their students!

Begin your journey towards a more productive and nurturing environment for your students and yourself!

This Course Is For...

  • Educators wanting to learn new, simple, & effective skills
  • New educators joining a Love and Logic school
  • Educators looking to increase their teaching time and reduce stress
  • Schools seeking effective professional development training

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