Love and Logic for the Classroom and School Online

Low Stress Strategies for Highly Successful Educators

Professional Development for Educators

Empower your staff with practical classroom management skills that help create effective learning environments for students and make teaching fun and rewarding, instead of stressful and exhausting.

Teachers will learn skills to:

  • Create low-stress classrooms
  • Help end student arguing and back talk
  • Guide kids to own and solve their problems
  • Build positive relationships with challenging students
  • Raise test scores
  • Prevent misbehavior and increase instructional time

What's Included In This Course...

Module 1

Neutralizing Student Arguing

  • Put an end to student arguing and back talk
  • Buy time by delaying consequences
  • Teach responsibility by applying consequences with empathy
  • Preserve the learning environment – and the teacher's sanity – if a student becomes disruptive and refuses to comply

Module 2

Delayed Consequences

  • Why it’s okay to delay consequences
  • How to get the benefits of delayed consequences and immediate consequences, all in one technique
  • How to lower your staff's stress level

Module 3


  • Why empathy helps students spend more time in “thinking mode” than in “fighting mode”
  • How empathy can be used when they're feeling angry and frustrated
  • How to create a calmer classroom and school

Module 4

The Recovery Process

  • How to preserve the learning environment when nothing seems to be working with a student
  • Why some students need brief “Recovery” periods away from their classmates
  • How to do this without being punitive

Module 5

Developing Positive Teacher-Student Relationships

  • Tough kids cannot be coerced or bribed into learning or behaving
  • Building positive relationships is the only thing that works with these students long term
  • Solid relationships are far more powerful than the total of all other techniques

Module 6

Setting Limits with Enforceable Statements

  • Techniques for setting limits while minimizing power struggles
  • Tips teachers can use for consistently enforcing limits without raising their blood pressure
  • How teachers can take really good care of themselves

Module 7

Using Choices to Prevent Power Struggles

  • Teachers who share control have more of it
  • How to gain more control by making “deposits” in the form of small choices
  • How to get more cooperation from resistant students

Module 8

Quick and Easy Preventative Interventions

  • How to prevent problems without taking time away from teaching
  • When to use preventative interventions versus when to apply logical consequences
  • How to cover more content and go home at the end of the day feeling fantastic instead of frazzled

Module 9

Guiding Students to Own and Solve Their Problems

  • How to avoid getting sucked into problems that should be solved by the students
  • Five steps for helping students own and solve their problems
  • How to create a classroom and school where students think harder about discipline than the teacher does

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