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Healthy Kids and Families in a Technology-Filled World - Audio

Healthy Kids and Families in a Technology-Filled World - Audio

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Heart-Level Solutions

Where are our children and teens turning to meet their deepest social and emotional needs? Is it technology or is it our leadership?

Unless we address this heart-level issue, they may learn to look for love, purpose and fulfillment in all of the wrong places.

In this audio, Dr. Charles Fay provides five principles for maintaining loving and respectful relationships while preventing unhealthy power-struggles, and sneakiness. You will learn tips for:

  • Teaching them that fulfillment only comes through responsibility and real relationships
  • Setting limits that communicate our love and desire to connect
  • Meeting the universal need: “Daddy… Mommy…watch me!”
  • Staying brave and effective when we have to say “no” to a cell phone or other device
  • Teaching that joy is discovered when we turn off the devices and tune in to each other.

by Charles Fay, Ph.D.

Audio, 30 minutes  - stream and/or download

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