Nobody Wins a Power Struggle - Audio

Nobody Wins a Power Struggle - Audio

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NEW! Control battles raise our blood pressure and drive an unnecessary wedge between us and our kids.


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Avoiding Battles that Ruin Relationships and Lead to Rebellion

In this audio, Dr. Charles Fay shows how to avoid resentment and rebellion while continuing to provide the limits and discipline young people need.

You will hear his Three Principles for Avoiding Power Struggles and how to apply them with kids of all ages:

  1. Ask yourself, “Am I trying too hard to keep my kids from making mistakes?”
  2. Share the control that you don’t need, so that you can keep the control that you do. 
  3. Provide the limits and boundaries necessary to keep freedom healthy and appreciated.

Kids of all ages need freedom within limits so that they can explore and learn from experience.

With these powerful Love and Logic concepts, you can provide this gift while enjoying far less stress and frustration.

by Charles Fay, Ph.D.

Audio, 50 minutes  - stream and/or download

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