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Parenting the Love and Logic Way - Spanish

Parenting the Love and Logic Way - Spanish

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Welcome to our curriculum designed for training parents with children of all ages! We give you carefully crafted, step-by-step instructions for each of the six sessions you'll lead. This curriculum is designed so that you can begin teaching immediately without any additional training!

By offering classes to parents in your community, you’ll provide them the skills required to feel more relaxed, hopeful and positive about their children and their relationships with them. As they learn more, parents will discover that their jobs can be really enjoyable, and that they can teach personal responsibility and respect without losing their kids’ love.

Educators: Would you like to boost positive parent involvement in your local school or district? Everybody wins when parents develop practical skills for reinforcing the expectations their children experience at school. Kids are happier and behave better. Teachers are more relaxed and effective. Parents are far more supportive of teachers and administrators.

Module 1: Putting an End to Arguing Back-Talk and Begging
Module 2: Teaching Responsibility without Losing Their Love
Module 3: Setting Limits Without Waging War
Module 4: Avoiding Power-Struggles
Module 5: Guiding Kids to Own and Solve their Problems
Module 6: Teaching Kids to Complete Chores without Reminders and Without Pay

The Crianza con Amor y Lógica® curriculum package includes:

  • A Facilitator Guide in Spanish, including step-by-step instructions for facilitating six separate sessions (each session takes about 1.5 - 2 hours)
  • One USB Drive or Two DVD’s containing nearly five hours of Spanish dubbed and subtitled instructional video segments by Charles Fay, Ph.D., and Jim Fay.
  • Ten parent workbooks in Spanish (Each participant keeps their workbook. Additional workbooks are $9 each. There is a 10% discount for orders with a quantity of 50 or more.)
  • A tote bag for easy carrying and storing
  • Access to exclusive content through our Facilitator portal, including media/marketing kits, certificates of completion, bonus videos, and other valuable resources geared to help with your presentations
  • Facilitator contact information can be added to our Trainer Referral List

The instructional videos are available on DVD or USB Flash Drive-(PC & Mac only).

By Charles Fay, Ph.D. and Jim Fay, with special thanks to Foster W. Cline, M.D.

Please note: The training program is designed to be taught in a face-to-face setting. No internet based teaching of the program is allowed.

Visit this page for Curriculum Research Information.

Download and Print curriculum syllabus pdf.

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