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The Gift of Limits - Audio

The Gift of Limits - Audio

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Why Kids Who Have Them Feel Safer and More Loved

The happiest and most secure kids have something in common: Adults in their lives who provide and enforce loving limits. In this audio you will hear practical tips for giving the gift of limits to children ages 10 months to over 20 years.

You’ll also learn how to apply the Three Key Guidelines for Setting Limits:

  1. Treat them with great respect… so that they will see how to treat you.
  2. Describe what you are willing to do or allow…so that you can maintain control.
  3. Follow through with empathy and actions…rather than anger, threats or lectures.

This audio is a must listen for parents, educators and anyone else responsible for shaping youth into respectful, self-controlled and happy people.

by Charles Fay, Ph.D.

Audio, 36 minutes  - stream and/or download

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