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Love and Logic Parenting Trainer Programs and Instructor Training

Please note: The training program is designed to be taught in a face-to-face setting. No internet based teaching of the program is allowed.


Parenting the Love and Logic Way® Curriculum

Welcome to our Multimedia Curriculum for training parents with children of all ages!

Are you ready to have some fun?
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Teach the Parenting the Love and Logic Way curriculum!


Fun to Teach, Fun to Learn!

The Love and Logic parenting approach is fun and easy to teach! Using plenty of real life stories, examples and stand-up comedy, the authors make this a program that parents really enjoy being a part of. When adults learn in an entertaining, non-threatening atmosphere, they’re far more likely to beg for even more training!

Visit this page to learn how to facilitate Love and Logic Parenting Classes.


Encouraging, Empowering, Effective

By offering this curriculum to parents in your community, you’ll provide them the skills required to feel more relaxed, hopeful and positive about their children and their relationships with them. As they learn more, parents will discover that their jobs can be really enjoyable, and that they can teach personal responsibility and respect without losing their kids’ love.

Teach Parents How To:

  • Avoid un-winnable power-struggles and arguments
  • Stay calm when their kids do incredibly upsetting things
  • Set enforceable limits
  • Avoid enabling and begin empowering
  • Help their kids learn from mistakes rather than repeating them
  • Raise kids who are family members rather than dictators
  • And much more!

With purchase of Parenting the Love and Logic Way, you gain the ability to offer an unlimited number of parenting classes based on the Love and Logic approach. No additional training is required!

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Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!® Curriculum 

Do you know parents with children aged six and younger?

Are your friends with young children struggling to discipline or enjoy happy, positive relationships with their kids?

Coach parents of kids from birth to age six with our Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun! curriculum.

Help Create Happy Families and Responsible Kids

This parent training curriculum is specially geared toward families with children ages birth through age six. The unique challenges that come with raising babies, toddlers and young children are tough but able to be overcome!

Help contribute to your community by inspiring happy, positive, respectful and responsible children by ordering this coaching tool today.


Teach Parents Rewarding Skills, Strategies and Techniques

Coaching the parents of young kids in this curriculum will give them valuable skill sets to accomplish the following:

  • Happy, fun-loving families
  • Toddlers who go to bed the first time
  • Tots who learn that whining and arguing do not work
  • Meals without battles
  • Discipline without losing love
  • Great comebacks for parents
  • Kids that grow into safe, smart, confident teens
  • And much more!

With purchase of Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!, you gain the ability to offer an unlimited number of parenting classes based on the Love and Logic approach. No additional training is required! 

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Crianza con Amor y Lógica® Curriculum

Parent Training Curriculum: All Ages

Our Parenting the Love and Logic Way Curriculum is now available in Spanish!

For more Love and Logic resources in Spanish, visit this page.

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Love and Logic: Adults Supporting Youth with Challenging Pasts® Curriculum
(Trauma Informed Care)

Cut through the complexity of working with youth with challenging pasts and provide real solutions that can be applied immediately!

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Love and Logic: Supporting Youth with Special Needs® Curriculum

“Does Love and Logic apply to kids with special needs?” Yes! Learn how with our NEW powerful curriculum!

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Research Supports Using Love and Logic Techniques

Dr. Charles Fay conducted studies on the Becoming a Love and Logic Parent curriculum® and the 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom® curriculum. Although there has been limited empirical research conducted on these programs, the studies do show evidence that support using Love and Logic techniques. View the study below to learn more. Love and Logic does not currently have any studies published in academic journals, however, it is a project that is currently under review.

Curricula Research Study


Finding Funding for Love and Logic Programs


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